The Little Course

Black Lake’s practice facilities include a double-sided driving range, four chipping and putting greens, and several practice bunkers. Certified PGA and LPGA professionals offer private instruction, playing lessons, clinics, and golf schools.

The redwood, cedar, and Wisconsin stone clubhouse is designed to harmonize with the Center’s education, recreation, and lodging facilities. The Clubhouse contains men’s and women’s lockers rooms, bar and grill, and fully-stacked golf shop featuring union-made and Made in the USA products.

“The Black Lake practice facility has a wonderful range, chipping green and bunker, and it also has The Little Course, which is really a par 3 pitch-and-putt. Families can come here, and the children can really develop a lot of interest because they can achieve greater success in this little course than if they had gone on the big course. When my daughters were young, we used to play a little pitch-and putt facility in Florida where the girls could make pars and birdies. Likewise, The Little Course is going to encourage a lot of young people to play. Adults can also come here and warm up and get ready for the big course.”

“The Little Course has ramps, grass pockets and bunkers. A large number of these shorter golf courses in America, whether par 3 or pitch-and-putt, don’t have any bunkers because they want people to speed up play. This was not designed to be a moneymaker but instead designed to be a practice and learning facility. If you practice here at The Little Course, you will really achieve a lot of your goals in lowering your scores because you have many finesse shots such as half-wedge shots, three-quarter wedge shots, recovery shots and bunker shots. These are shots people tend not to practice. By making this course fun, I think they will practice their short game here more. These pitch-and-putt courses around America will promote game improvement with the average golfer while getting more people into the game.”

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